Simple Shoe Repair Hacks -when giving up isn’t an option

When you don’t want to give up, you think of ideas, innovative ideas and techniques that will ferry your boat over the troubled waters! The grit and determination to reach your goal should be inert, coming from within and with a zeal that takes you there, where you always wanted to reach!

Splurging on clothes, shoes and accessories is an irrelevant errand when you can save for something better, a movie date, a gift for your loved one, one-time meal for the less privileged or even, tickets to the next concert in your city (or maybe not). Saving is still essential, the numbers don’t count, simply!

Here, we layout some Shoe and footwear repair hacks – to be prepared always, with some savings favoring your pocket –

1. Cover your flipflops straps in fabric – Take the ‘rub’ out of the rubber flip flops. Strengthen the durability.

2. Sandpaper the soles of unworn shoes for better traction – Sandpaper controls the friction, prevents you from falling down on slippery surfaces and maintaining balance.

3. Banish the blisters with clear gel deodorant – Decreasing friction will prevent blisters on corners, allowing you extra comfort and confidence to travel for long hours.

4. Widen boot shafts with leather stretch spray and newspaper – Use of alcohol can be good alternative, rub it onto the surface to enjoy smooth rendition and ease of wearing.

5. Fix worn-down heels with instant heel caps – available in stores, helps prevent rolled ankles and can instantly replicate, store-conditioned shoes, you won’t even feel the difference.

When your shoes are always ready to go, you have no reason to stay put, but to run at every opportunity you got! Every single one.

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