Shoe Repair on A Budget: 5 Tips from The Great Depression

The Great Depression of the industrialized world was one of the biggest economic downturns. It lasted from 1929 to 1939, after the stock market crashed, sending Wall Street into panic mode and wiped off millions of investors. In such hard times, the good that came out was in the form of thrifty ideas because with better maintenance and quick fixes, basic articles like shoes started to last longer. And you too can implement a few of those ideas in your life.
    1. Instead of buying new shoes, get the old ones repaired and save your money. Lightly used shoes that have undergone very little wear and tear can be fixed easily and the repairs can last an impressively long time.

    2. Help the environment by avoiding the use of fresh materials that go into the making of a brand-new pair of shoes.

    3. Since shoes can also have an emotional value for some, it is always better if you get to keep them for longer by repairing them instead of hunting for replacements.

    4. You should also know that taking care of your shoes can improve their appearance and durability at the same time.

    5. Little size issues can also be fixed with the right shoe repairs.

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