We repair all zippers zipper repair NYC

zipper repair NYC

Zipper change zipper replacement boots brooklyn ny  for boots and shoes zipper replacement NYC zipper fix NYC
A shoe with a broken zipper is unwearable — new or old, shabby or not. Instead of abandoning it, repair the zipper, or replace it with a new one. Most zippers we take in for repair need only a new slider body to get them working properly. (See “the anatomy of a zipper” below). Usually the slider body must be replaced when the pull tab is missing or when the zipper opens up behind the slider body when the zipper is being zipped. This is especially common in tents, backpacks, purses and jackets. In most cases, replacing the slider body is a fairly quick and inexpensive repair. The cost is usually $15– 20. If the zipper teeth, insertion pin or retainer box are broken or missing, the entire zipper usually must be replaced. We replace zippers in all sorts of items including boots, purses, jackets, backpacks, and duffle bags.** Prices vary according to the size and type of zipper and the time required to replace it.    
Zipper Replacement Price Range (+ shipping)
Metallic zipper $35 and up
Boots $35 and up
Backpacks & Purses $8 and up
Nylon zipper $25 and up

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